Python Crawler Example (1)

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I found clicking on job posting website could be automized, so I wrote a script for crawling. Here I used Python, beautifulsoup, requests and generators tricks for practicing.

I used Salesforce Career Page for example.

Salesforce Career Website

Where should I get started?

I knew Google Chrome has tool to see each request sent from browser, so I used that to see the request I sent from browser. By seeing that, I could know what kind of information I can wrap in code and issue a query.

Chrome Browser Developer Tool

Curl Example

I pasted on editor and saw there was a GET request sent to Salesforce server. So, all I need is use requests to send a GET request to that and I can get the result.

Apply this code would receive 403. (HTTP Code 403 - Forbidden)

What happened then?

Apparently, it’s not enough for this request, so I guessed it required header information to send it.

And I received 200. (HTTP Code 200 - OK)

Start analyzing HTML

I put the response in BeautifulSoup and got parsed HTML. What I really need is the list of jobs. I observed that page from Chrome Developer Tool and found some important CSS tag.

Result Example

From this code, I got only 10 jobs listed on my terminal. There must be something wrong, and then I realized I only parsed one page.

Next part, I would use generator to generate different url.

Generate URL by leveraging generators

I composed a get_total_pages function to get total pages. I found it’s only 10 jobs listed on one page, so I used the jobnumbers divided by 10 and got the result.

The function is the logic of generator.

def url_cat(total_pages, url):
	yield url
	page = 1
	while page <= total_pages:
    	yield url + str(page)
    	page += 1

I used 2 yield statements because the first url has no number concatenated afterward, and then I used the second yield to generate urls.

url_gen = url_cat(total_pages, url)

for url in url_gen:
    soup = get_soup(url, headers, payload)

I applied for-loop to iterate the generator.

Now, I can get a list of information that I really wanted.


What’s inside?

Vic Yang

Vic Yang

Back-end Engineer

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