File Compare with ReactJS

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File Compare with ReactJS

Summary: A simple file compare tool with ReactJS


Compare two Excel files

What can it do for us?

  1. Compare two Excel file (.xls or .xlsx) by selecting common attributes. If there are some different rows or duplicate rows, this program will show them for you.
  2. The different rows can be exported as .csv file.

How does the comparing process take action?

  1. In the beginning, we preselect the “authentication ID” as the primary field, and the program would check whether the given fields are the same based on the primary field.
  2. In the next version, the program will choose which field can be the primary field.

How can we use the program?

  1. Install Electron
  2. Clone this respository to local machine
git clone
  1. Execute it.
electron FileCompare

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

What has inside?

Check it out here

Vic Yang

Vic Yang

Back-end Engineer

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