Login/Logout System with Django

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Just a simple demo for login/logout system with Email verification.

Also, deploy for Live Demo on Heroku



Use virtualenv

python -m venv ENV
source ENV/bin/activate

Clone this repository

git clone https://github.com/vrootic/i2x_challenge.git

Install packages

cd i2x_challenge
pip install -r requirements

Initialize DB

createdb i2x_challenge
python manage.py migrate

Create Superuser

python manage.py createsuperuser

Start Dev Server

python manage.py runserver

Deployment instructions

Install Heroku Toolbelt

First, sign up to Heroku Then, install Heroku toolbelt

heroku login

Create Heroku app

heroku create [your_app_name]

Set environment variables

heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev
heroku config:set DJANGO_SECRET_KEY='[your secret key]'
heroku config:set DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE='config.settings.production'
heroku config:set DJANGO_ALLOWED_HOSTS='.herokuapp.com'

Push to deploy

git push heroku master

Migrate the DB

heroku run python manage.py migrate


Link to live demo on Heroku

Live Demo on Heroku

Vic Yang

Vic Yang

Back-end Engineer

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